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Research Centers

Human Performance Lab

The mission of the AppState-NCRC Human Performance Laboratory is to investigate unique nutritional products as countermeasures to exercise- and obesity-induced immune dysfunction, inflammation, illness, and oxidative stress. Emphasis is placed on a human biology systems approach using metabolomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and genomics to improve scientific understanding of underlying mechanisms.

David H. Murdock Research Institute

DHMRI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, contract research organization specializing in the provision of cutting-edge genomic and metabolomic research services and instrumentation essential to furthering scientific understanding in areas including human health, nutrition, immuno-oncology, plant and animal trait development, and microbiome studies.

Duke Clinical and Translational
Science Institute

The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) operates a state-of-the-art site that accelerates precision genomics and population health research, in partnership with a diverse community of engaged study participants. Founded in 2007, Duke Kannapolis has enrolled more than 14,000 volunteers using a successful community-engaged research model, including the groundbreaking MURDOCK Study. Duke Kannapolis manages a wide variety of projects focusing on the exploration, discovery, and validation of biomarkers to inform a deeper understanding of health and disease. Duke Kannapolis is active in community engagement efforts throughout Cabarrus County and committed to supporting the health and wellness of the local community.

Center for Excellence in
Post-Harvest Technologies

The Center focuses on discovering better ways to preserve or process fruits and vegetables to prevent disease , enhance health, and increase value of North Carolina agriculture by finding better ways to retain freshness, preserve health-promoting compounds and nutrients, and make food safer for consumption.

Nutrition Research Program

Our research groups in NCCU/Kannapolis have established unique expertise in zebrafish and mouse models to study hematopoietic disease and cancer biology. Our unique research program facilitates collaborations with researchers from different universities on the NCRC as well as among different university campuses of the UNC System.

Plants for Human Health Institute

The NC State Plants for Human Health Institute uses a transdisciplinary approach to drive its research efforts toward the discovery and translation of the links between plant compounds, disease prevention, and health maintenance. NC State Extension provides a bridge to the community through K-12 STEM education and healthcare-focused outreach.

Nutrition Research Institute

The Nutrition Research Institute is committed to conducting innovative basic and translational science studying precision nutrition, how individual differences in requirements and responses to diet affect our individual nutritional needs. We believe that our advances in nutrition science are leading to successes in preventing or mitigating the negative effects of chronic diseases and aging, and in improving human development, even prior to conception.

Bioinformatics Research and Services

Researchers from UNC Charlotte’s Bioinformatics Services Division and the Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics (BiG) work at the intersection of computer science and biology to develop the tools and resources necessary for analyzing large, complex datasets in order to answer critical biological questions.

Center for Translational
Biomedical Research

The UNC Greensboro Center for Translational Biomedical Research conducts basic and translational research in the area of liver diseases and diabetes. Our research is primarily focusing on the mechanisms and development of therapeutic approaches for treatment of alcohol-induced liver disease. We also focus on developing bioanalytical tools for systemic biological investigation of diabetes and early biomarkers of diabetic complications.