New United States Performance Center Facility to Break Ground in 2021

The United States Performance Center (USPC) arrived in Charlotte back in 2013 with a 10,000 square-foot performance facility dedicated to research-based athletic development, injury prevention, and overall health and wellness. It’s a place where they “utilize an integrated approach to performance training, supported by proper nutrition protocols and state-of-the-art technology, to offer customized training programs scientifically developed to help each individual athlete reach his or her full physical potential,” according to the USPC website. Their goal to help athletes maximize their human performance, health, and wellness is directly in line with that of the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) and our mission to empower human health through nutrition and lifestyle. So, it is no wonder why the USPC chose NCRC as the new home of their athletic research-based training facilities known as the Human Performance Center for Excellence Athletic Campus.

Well-Established Collaborations With the North Carolina’s University System

When considering where to build their new Athletic Campus, USPC Co-Founder/Owner David Koerner looked into options in both North and South Carolina. Ultimately, he knew that the best course of action was to link the Performance Center’s new facilities with the University System and their already-established involvement with research. That’s when Koerner and fellow Co-Founder/Owner Ike Belk discovered the NC Research Campus—a place where 8 universities were already collaborating and performing research in areas that could have a direct link to their mission.

“USPC’s focus on exercise science is a natural fit with our focus on targeted and general nutrition, exercise, and post-harvest technologies. Together we form a significantly expanded, unique, and unprecedented platform for scientific inquiry that will create exciting new opportunities for scientific collaborations that advance our understanding of human health and performance, wellness, and disease and injury prevention,” said Mark Spitzer, President of Castle & Cooke North Carolina and NCRC executive, to the Independent Tribune back in October 2019 when the Athletic Campus was first announced.

Bridging the Void Between Academic Research and Practical Application

In addition to our research endeavors aligning so perfectly with the goals of the USPC, we also share a desire to bridge the void between academic research and practical application. While the Performance Center’s research does directly impact high performance athletes, such as United States Olympians, it can also be used to enhance medical protocols and tackle community health issues—something that the City of Kannapolis greatly appreciates on its quest to encourage community-wide health and wellness for its citizens. However, it’s the idea of top-tier Team USA athletes coming to Kannapolis that has so many human performance researchers so excited, including Koerner and Belk.

“We are excited about bringing our project to Kannapolis. The partnership between high-performance athletes and researchers at the North Carolina Research Campus offers endless possibilities for the future of competitive sports,” Koerner told the Independent Tribune.

The excitement is palpable, to say the least. There is so much to look forward to as the team behind the USPC continues to complete all of its objectives on the path to building its Athletic Campus. Currently, they are scheduled to break ground by Quarter 2 of 2021 with their eyes set on a Summer 2023 opening. But the future isn’t the only thing to be excited about, as researchers have already begun collaborating and forming high performance research teams. The research they are doing now will continue to expand over the next few years as they begin construction on campus.

Everyone at NCRC is looking forward to welcoming the United States Performance Center home in 2023 and is proud to have them as a research partner. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the Human Performance Center of Excellence Athletic Campus in Kannapolis at

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